Finishing touches
Our decorative accessories add that architectural touch of distinction by accenting fireplace openings, windows or doors.



This decorative panel will bring charm and nobility to your interior design and your most ambitious outdoor project.

Dimensions: 19’’x 26’’ x 1 1/2’’

Note: This product is available in a different colors.

decorative wall panel, bas-relief Lion, ARTEK STONE


Our hearth slabs are ideal for fireplace surrounds and wood stove bases.

Dimensions: 19’’x 20’’ x 1 1/2’’

Note: This product should not be used as paving stone. It is not guarantied for that purpose.

hearthstone, fireplace, fireplaces, decorative accessories HS-1201

Presented: Colour HS-1203



Watertable/ Sill

Watertables and Sills designed for the top of a wainscot or sill application

Dimensions: length 18’’
                   width 3’’


watertable, sill, windows, doors, decorative  accessories, construction projects WS-1501

Watertable / Sill
Presented: Colour WS-1501



The 90 °corner stones

They offer the appearance of full-thickness stone without adding the extra weight.

The 90° corner pieces  vary in size and thickness.

corner stone, decorative stone North-Ural Ledgestone Corner

Nevada Ledgestone Corner

Cobblestone Corner

Country Fieldstone Corner

Artek Brick Corner


Decorative stones


Decorative bricks


Construction blocks


Price list

In our showroom you will find also a large choice  of any kind of flooring (hardwood, engineered, laminate). NEW!


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